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35th Annual Meeting of the Histiocyte Society
Memphis, TN USA | November 3-5, 2019

It is with great pleasure that the Histiocyte Society welcomes you to Memphis, TN for its 35th Annual Meeting to be held November 3-5, 2019.

Milen Minkov
Histiocyte Society President 


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Member benefits

Membership to the Histiocyte Society is open to all healthcare professionals who are active in patient care, education or research in the histiocytic disorders. Currently, members include approximately 220 physicians, scientists, and nurses from 40 countries. Annual membership dues are $150 USD. 

As a member of the Histiocyte Society, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Connection: You will develop connections to a larger group of world-renown physicians studying histiocytosis and searching for better treatments and a cure.  

Discount for Annual Meeting: The Histiocyte Society Annual Meeting provides quality education and networking for physicians and scientists within the field of histiocytosis. As a way to enhance your professional development and encourage attendance, all members receive a significant discount on registration. 

Eligibility for Office and Committees: As a physician or scientist, you want to make a difference with the work that you do.  Sometimes that includes being on the front lines of research development within committees or guiding the organization as a member of the Board.  As a member in good standing, you will be eligible to hold positions on the Education Committee, Scientific Committee, Steering Committees, or the Executive Board.  

Free Informational Services: The Society keeps members in touch with each other and current issues through their web site and email updates of emerging issues relevant to histiocytosis research and developments. 

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About the Society

The Histiocyte Society is a nonprofit organization of more than 200 physicians and scientists from around the world committed to improving the lives of patients with histiocytic disorders by conducting clinical and laboratory research into the causes and treatment of this disease.


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